STRATEGY PLAN 2012-2017 

Alumni Europae ASBL has been operational for just over a year now, and although the Association is still very much in its infancy, much has been accomplished over the past 12 months. As well as creating a website, Alumni Europae has organised public events and established connections with all the European Schools. However, a lot remains to be achieved. This Strategic Plan sets out what the association will look like by 2017, and the way in which the various projects will be carried out. Alumni Europae's main goals for the five coming years have been organised into four categories, and identify what is needed to fulfill our stated objectives. This plan will serve as a reference point for Alumni Europae's future activities and as a guideline for new pro- jects which will be introduced. This plan will also serve as a reference point for future associates whom we hope to welcome in huge numbers in the near future. We are extremely fortunate as an Alumni network to have such diversity amongst our members, and Alumni Europae's expansion to these members is at the fore- front of this plan's targets. Close to 50,000 students have graduated from the European Schools and it is AE's goal to get in contact with all of them. We hope this plan will provide a means of continuity and transparency between members, old and new, who can come together and achieve common aims.

This plan should be re-evaluated in 2016 as this five year plan comes to an end.

Alumni Europae's Goals can be split into 4 main categories: Identify, Connect, Support and Promote. These four categories represent AE's principal objectives in the years to come and should be the focus of all of its activities for the time-frame set out in this plan.

Alumni Europae; reinforcing the link between former European School Students

    • Who they are
    • What they do
    • Website: login and connect
    • Event: meet and exchange
    • University and career support
    • Services for our members
    • European School values
    • Members' interests


The AE team, in coordination with the Networking Coordinator, will locate and come into contact with 15,000 European School graduates in the next five years in order to expand the membership and the team of volun- teers working on the project. We hope 10 % of the total membership will be actively involved in the opera- tion of the association which will be led by the President. The networking strategy will remain at the top of AE's objectives and be one of AE's main activities, particularly in the first years of the plan. The networking strategy will take up a lot of time and resources, and it is in this area that funding is necessary, particularly for the setting up of a part-time/full-time position.

The Networking strategy will, primarily, encourage already registered members to refer Alumni Europae to their network of friends. Conventional methods will be used, such as the organisation of a referral promo- tional system, but we will also take on a more modern approach, including use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, which provide a cost-effective method for getting in contact with alumni around the world. The networking strategy will also aim to come into possession of all other existing databases, from previous alumni organisations, as well as already organised collectives.

Alumni Europae will get in contact with new graduates through close collaboration with each European School, by establishing a system in which new graduates will automatically register with Alumni Europae upon receiving their baccalaureates.

The identify section also includes the data collection and analysis of the whereabouts and activities of our members. We will also collect information on members' previous jobs and places of residence in order to share these experiences with other members of the associationThis will be achieved by creating a secure online registration system in which the members voluntarily provide their information. Alumni Europae will also collect this data publish anonymous statistical analyses, contributing vital information to the successes and failures of the European School system. As well as sharing this information with our members who are potentially deciding on career choices, Alumni will to work in cooperation with the Board of Governors, the various Parents' Committees and the Students Committees with this information in order to improve the overall European School experience.


  • Identify and come into contact with the 50,000 alumni
    • 1000 Y1 - 2000 Y2 - 4000 Y3 - 8000 Y4 - 15,000Y5
    • Facebook campaign
    • Referral contest
    • Retrieval of previous alumni associations databases
    • 7th year sign-up system
    • Identify whether these people are in the EU schools
    • Online research of old alumni
    • Secure and accurate database
    • Work in collaboration with Bureau Central – cross-checking of members
  • Identify what they do
    • Up-to-date and accurate information on activity and whereabouts of alumni
    • Up-to-date and accurate information on activity and whereabouts of alumni
    • Produce anonymous statistical analyses


Alumni Europae's existential purpose and main goal is connecting European School alumni. Alumni Europae prides itself on the value of its network of members. Indeed, its strengths rely on the those of its member- ship, and their ability to come together on a platform and share their experience and knowledge, as well as support and collaborate with each other. There are two main ways that this will be achieved: online - through the website, and physically - through events.

Online: Alumni Europae has created a 'Linked in'-style website which allows you to easily come into contact with other alumni in the network. Whether you're looking for old classmates, a place to stay, or advice on a particular life choice, members will be able to research other alumni that have voluntarily provided their information for this purpose. This will be achieved through a secure online system which will allow the user to search for/according to different characteristics, such as location, university or career path, and date of graduation for members who are looking to reconnect with old class mates. Alumni Europae will create and manage this connection tool over the next five years to accommodate for the increase in members, planned in part 1.

Events: Alumni Europae plans to organise ten of its own events over the next five years. Alumni Europae prides itself on creating and maintaining physical connections between our members. As well as coordinating general alumni reunions, Alumni Europae will also help to coordinate year reunions, as well as school reun- ions. These events will be primarily held in and around Brussels, due to the large number of alumni located there, as well as the geographical proximity of many of the largest schools. Alumni Europae will work with local coordinators in other schools organising reunions and activities for our members. Events will also be organised in cities such as London, where there are no schools but a very large amount of alumni willing to participate in the organisation. Alumni Europae will also work in collaboration with associations or Institu- tions with similar objectives.


  • Connect our members together through our website
    • Search and Contact
    • Manage and update database
    • Add features
    • Connect our members together through events
    • Ten events in the next five years
    • 60th anniversary of the Schools – 2013
    • Bergen 50th anniversary 2013


Alumni Europae's third goal is the support of its members through university and career guidance. Alumni Europae will put like-minded individuals into contact on a professional level so that younger alumni can use our members' broad experiences to complement their decision-making on university and career choices. Alumni Europae will put individuals in touch to address the difficulties that former ES students may have en- countered after taking the Bac, especially those who decided to move to pastures new. These could range from insufficient academic preparation and psychological or social integration issues, to practical matters such as help on renting an apartment, opening a bank account or taking out an insurance policy.

Alumni Europae will also publish statistical analyses of European School alumni trends and inform our mem- bers accordingly. In this way, Alumni Europae hopes to complement existing career guidance with a more face-to-face and practical approach in order to address difficulties that could be prevented at school. Alumni Europae will also provide advice and guidance to parents who are new to the whole experience of prepar- ing their child for the next major step in their lives by calling on members' past experiences. In the next five years, Alumni Europae will have developed a robust system which allows for an easy search system between members, putting them in contact for professional guidance, dividing sections into location, universities and careers paths to allow members to share their vast experiences with those looking for advice.

As well as supporting members with university and career choices, Alumni Europae will provide other ser- vices for our members. Alumni Europae aims to offer discounts and promotions to our members by getting into contact with alumni business owners who are supportive of the project. Alumni Europae also hopes to manufacture products of its own and provide people with the opportunity to buy European School memora- bilia, such as T-shirts and mugs, or old photographs.

Future members.


  • University and career choices
    • Put people into contact
    • Relevant information
    • Statistical analyses
  • Produce services for our members
    • Services for our members
    • Memorabilia
    • Support


Alumni Europae seeks to promote and expand the values the European Schools were founded upon, as well as the European School system itself. European School graduates are rightly proud of their education, and Alumni Europae wants to give European School alumni the opportunity to share their experiences, both posi- tive and negative. Alumni Europae will also promote the European values that unite us and upon which the schools were founded. We feel this is especially important in a time in which the notion of a unified Europe is suffering from an identity crisis in the midst of economic difficulties.

Alumni Europae will produce bi-annual newsletters in the next five years. Each issue will surround a particu- lar theme that will be decided by the newsletter committee. They will feature interviews with alumni that have gone on to become respected in their fields, be they professional or academic, with a special focus and perspective on the connection and relationship between alumni. The newsletter will also contain information on current and ongoing campaigns regarding the promotion of European values and the European School system. The committee will publish exceptional issues for high profile European School related events, such as major school anniversaries. These will contain alumni's personal experiences at the school, as well as ar- chives of photos and documents that help to trace the story and evolution of the school or schools in ques- tion.

Alumni Europae will collect all relevant information relating to the history of the European Schools and the experiences of the students that lived through it. This will take the form of collecting copies of class photos, before/after comparisons of how the school sites have progressed, documents and reports containing statis- tics on where or what alumni end up being, as well as testimonials from individual alumni, and any other rel- evant documentation that trace the history of the schools. In this way, Alumni Europae hopes to become the principle source of information about, as well as for, European School graduates within the next five years.



  • Ten Newsletters in the next five years
  • Maintain an archive of European School-relevant information


Alumni Europae is a non-governmental organisation (Association sans But Lucratif) registered under Belgian law.

Alumni Europae's first year was financed primarily by the organisation of fundraising events, and also from support from Interparents towards the project. Alumni Europae will continue to organise fundraising events and looking for support from various institutions. These initial funds will allow Alumni Europae to effectively promote the project and spread the word to alumni and other European educational organisations/bodies/ institutions.

The size of the potential membership and geographical diversity of partners means an effective networking plan will be at the forefront of Alumni Europae's budget in the five years to come. The setting up of a part- time position will be necessary to towards the end of the five year plan as membership reaches over 10,000 members.

A website has been created capable of handling the flux of people predicted in the networking strategy. As the website gets larger and more complete, we intend to charge a nominal fee to become a member. The fee is necessary for the maintenance of the database, general upkeep of the website, day-to-day costs, as well as recruitment of potential future employees of the organisation.

Current students at the European Schools looking for advice on university and careers will be able to access all the features of the site for free, whilst students in higher education receive a discount. The table below outlines our expected membership figures, as well as the budget, for the next five years:

2013 - 1000 - 15,000 euro

2014 - 2000 - 20,000 euro

2015 - 4000 - 25,000 euro

2016 - 8000 - 40,000 euro

2017 - 15000 - 60,000 euro

Free for current school students, 10 euros for university students, 25 euros for under 30s, 50 euros for over 30s. Consensus formed to use this model as a starting point.