2nd Culham staff reunion 25 May 2019

May 25, 2019 from 5 p.m.11:55 p.m.
Past event


To secure your place, please pay £5 in advance, and bring a dish on the day, in classic European School style.

It will be in and around the staff room (and outside in the picnic area if we’re lucky with the weather).

This party follows on from last year's inaugural reunion which had over one hundred people present and will be a chance for old and new friends to get together in a place we all know and love, listen to some music, share some food and have a drink or two. I am no longer on the site but already have some kind offers of help on the ground.

To get on the guest list, please go to: register your name (and your plus one),using a separate form for each person. and make the £5 payment per person. There is no option to skip this bit, so please have your bank details handy.  Also, just make a note that you will need to bring some food. I will get in touch with you again nearer the time with further details about this and the rest of the party.

In the meantime, if you have a specific question, please either leave a message on the registration page or email me at 
Mailing lists get out of date so please feel free to pass this message on to ESC staff that may have fallen off the list and might like to come. Apologies in advance if you receive this message more than once! Oh, and, by the way, I will not share your contact details with anyone without checking with you first. If you would like to be taken off the mailing list, just ask.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Gill Brook