Virtual Event

Local Chapters Meeting

Nov. 23, 2019 from 10 a.m.11 a.m.
Past event

Agenda for AE: Getting Local - 23/11/2019, 10:00AM

  1. Round of names and background

  1. What has each of us been up to concerning AE local chapters?

    1. London

    2. Amsterdam

    3. Frankfurt

    4. Brussels

  2. Where do we want to see ourselves as AE local chapters?

  3. Alumni Day Autumn 2020

    1. Anastassios PAPADOPOULOS, APEEE Ixelles President

    2. music event filled with "success stories" of a few Alumnis

    3. keynote speech by the Commission President

    4. Important to do:

      1. fixing the idea and theme of an event

      2. find a date, when Ms von der Leyen would be available

      3. urgent thus to identify places (e.g. Conservatoire, Bozar, Laeken or Woluwe theatre)

      4. an official letter by the AE (Reinhold?) to the Board of Governors (members, the Secretary-General and the ES Directors) in view of their meeting in December. The letter should inform about the Alumni Day initiative as well as about the recent developments and could invite the School Directors to facilitate the task of getting new members as from BAC 2020, for example via internal distribution of AE newsletters.

  4. Important Dates to act on:

    1. AE Conseil d’Administration (Tuesday, November 26)

    2. Lunch with Commissioner Oettinger by APEEE Presidents (Thursday, December 5)

  5. Varia