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Local Chapters Meeting

Jan. 13, 2020 from 7 p.m.7 p.m.
Past event

Alumni Europae Local Chapter Meeting

13 January



Whether Association can ask schools to send note for ppl who graduated from Greek section since we cannot get their emails due to GDPR (many students left years ago)

Still admin on FB page, - people’s reaction of Boris + Ursula VdL buzz. Too much? Are we posting info on famous alumni? Why are posting Boris? ‘’You can bright career in politics…?’’ Not helping us. What do we want to say? Look at what he’s gone through. Which is the best way to use this


Through this network, as an ad project. Everybody has chance in all fields. Positive and negative examples….


Alumni Greek section. In contact with greeks in all countries. Maybe find other people who are not famous. List of students

Opening doors to professional communities. Idea to find alumni stories from all sectors (docs, politics, lawyers, etc). Every day stories. Readers/members will aspire more to that connection.

How to communicate with the Board regarding the local chapters.


Important to discuss Boris and U in the Board. Once discussed in the Board, we as Local Chap can discuss. What we can suggest, is not cutting down news on Boris + U. Reaching high through education tools we received. 

Important to post other success stories (artist, sports, etc.).


Alexander + Guy edited drafts

Question on Liability:

By making public event on FB, it becomes public and people invited is liable. 

Greek Event

Event has to be linked with FB of association. Mentioned in the latest newsletter 



Should advertise on platforms we already have. Since we have admin rights on page, we should create event on website. Advised Board to have training for Local Chapter representatives. Might be a barrier for those who do not know the platforms. 

Newsletters do not happen that often. Newsletter should be feedback of events.. Babette event. 


Should I create local chapter page for Greece? (or Thess/Athens). Almost ⅔ greek alumni in Greece. Greek Alumni wants to join thesis event even if she was not in the original invite list. Should not discriminate against non-greek alumni living in greece. 

3 main language sections (DE, EN, FR). not making language chapters.

Advertise event in a country that doesn't have many alumni, please add en/fr translation.

For small events, easier to assess the invite list.

Local chap motto : no matter where you are, you should always connect. If alumni happens to be in that local chap country where the event is taking place, they should be invited and come to the event.

Updated guidelines document (see changes made to document)

Write that chapter representative is guiding the local chapter. In order to have continuity, advised to have 2 more people on board.

Updated how to set up local chapter document (see changes document)

Summary on what to come:

Events in Spring


Frankfurt - call today with Reinhold + Texted Audrey. P + A had a hard time to meet up. Contacted some of year 7s about how their timing situation looks after pre-bac. All said that it would not be best time of event. Not a good idea to set up event in February. Try to set up event in school over 2 days in April. Having stand at the Alumni event. 

Event has green light with Reinhold (each year Reinhold organised similar event and we can now claim as our event). 6-7 years. Speed-dating setting + get together afterwards. Open to the public, register with email, name and guests will receive confirmation. Date for this year not yet confirmed. Logistics needs to be confirmed. Audrey and Philip to meet up in February to have 2 month in advance notice before event.

Proposal to put something in proclamation. Included in the ceremony. Many alumni already in town so we should combine.

Carlo asked at last board meeting. We as board can see what events where we can be present.

Make sure not to have too many events too close to each other (not too exhausting - Bal du Bac). 

Brussels chapter idea event in February. Another get together. During Carnival season since students will be back for the holidays. Second edition of Winter drinks. Date and logistics tbc.


Alex Zammit to send Reminder regarding Paris Chapter for update.

Next AE Local Chapter Meeting - Tuesday 4th February, 7pm