CA MEETING - Tuesday 10th December 2013 - 19:00 @ Siege Social

  1. Welcome
  2. Designation of Chairman due to absence of President
  3. Designation of minute taker
  4. Acceptance of minutes 5.11.2013 (attached- thanks Olivier)
  5. Action List - To be prepared on the spot (Chiara)
  6. Recap of CoSup meeting 30 Nov. (WHO?)
  7. Recap of Frankfurt meeting (Karl)
  8. Newsletter - What's happening with this? Who's is putting together the next mailing? We already have a few articles, what else is needed? Jo how is the article going? Diederik are you available?
  9. LinkedIn Message of approval (Alba)
  10. Website
    • Website coordinator designation - Jo back in town
    • Form needs to be made where Alumni can publicise their business/organisation/art
    • Form needs to be created for famous alumni. "Do you know an alumni that has become famous?"
    • Questionnaire Europeanschoolification to be added to website
    • Culham advert for job (information from Alba)
    • Link to Hans Mund's Rock the Union page.
  11. Business plan finalisation (TOM)
  12. AOB



avenue huart hamoir 48
1030 Schaerbeek