European Baccalaureate Results

The European School The Hague is thrilled to announce that every student in our first group of European Baccalaureate candidates was successful in achieving their diplomas. This 100% pass rate means that all of the students in the Class of 2019 were able to celebrate their graduation together at the school's first EB graduation ceremony on Friday afternoon.

This European Baccalaureate was the school's first, and we have been highly impressed with the level of maturity that our students have demonstrated during this examination period. They attended their examinations on time and arrived well-prepared, and we are proud of the high-level of dedication that they have shown toward their studies. At the beginning of the examination period, we hosted the European Schools' inspector and Vice President of the European Baccalaureate 2019, Ms Tuulamarja Huisman from Finland, who monitored our examination procedures to ensure that we were following all of the relevant protocols. We are pleased to report that everything proceeded according to plan, under the direction of the Orientation Cycle Leader, Ms Caroline Emery.

After a stressful period of written and oral examinations, it was a nervous wait for our S7 students on Thursday night in anticipation of the official communication of results from the European Schools. The students were invited to gather at the school at 21.00, which was when they learned that everyone would be receiving their European Baccalaureate diplomas. The students were joined by their teachers, and everyone enjoyed a celebratory drink together.

Your success is a testament to your determination and commitment to excellence, and we are very proud to have you as our first graduating class.

- Frans van de Kerkhof, Director, Europese School Den Haag

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