Catalogue of Women project



Idea pitch


"Catalogue of women"* project has 3 main goals: 
1. support and grow the Alumnae network of European schools.
2. develop workshops with focus on girls mentoring at four schools (Varese, Karlsruhe, Uccle, Luxembourg) open for everyone interested.
3. discuss old and new challenges and "identities" of Europeans within the workshops with Alumnas and with everyone interested in Europe's history and future.

* "Catalogue of women" is the title of a Greek epic poem from Hesiod around 750 BC.


Where does your idea take place?


Karlsruhe ( Germany), Varese ( Italy) Bruessel ( Belgium), Luxemburg.


Why does Europe need your idea?


Alumni of European schools share concern about Europe. This idea reactivates and strengthens an existing network and connects Alumni with pupils of European Schools. In the workshops we will discuss questions about career opportunities, European identities ( including LGBTQI) and girls empowerment.


What is your impact?


Our network will have 1000-2000 more members. New webtools allow better networking. A subgroup of AlumnAs from different professions with their professional sketches on the website is identified and ready to feedback in the schools for the workshops. Workshops are ready to be delivered.


How do you get there?


We need to improve the networking and the website, using state of the art tech and tools:
1. spread the word within each of the schools Alumni networks to feed into the European database.
2. professionally improve the website and database ( search function, etc.)
3. Contact and feedback from individual schools.
4. Contact Alumni and AlumnAs from different career stages for feedback to schools.
5. Setup workshops for schools respectively.


What is your story?


We graduated from European Schools and our identity and career was positively shaped by Europe and the ideas behind. We share concern about the future of Europe. We want to share our broad experiences and skills with younger generations and empower girls to discuss the future of Europe.


Who are you doing it for?


Main stakeholders are Alumni Europea, ( 20.000 pupils graduated from 13 existing schools since 1958), a subgroup of AlumnAs and pupils currently graduating from European schools. Everyone interested in this multicultural experiment and in discussing current European problems.


What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?


any feedback welcome!