True analysis by our fellow alumnus, Frédéric Simon​.

y my friend and our fellow European School alumnus, Frédéric Simon.
When reading some 'foreign' school books, we Eurokids know how to spot fake news. I remember comparing science (yes science) books from our secondary classes in Uccle. In the French ones, the steam engine was invented by Papin (no, not Jean-Pierre, the other Denis Papin), for the Brits it was, as I think it should be James Watt, for the Germans and Italians work by Otto von Guericke and Evangelista Torricelli were seminal. History suggests the Spanish had more clout in citing the 1st patent by a Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont little known outside Spain. So, we learned early on even science books tell nationalistic lies. Only by comparing different sources truth emerges.
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