News | Sept. 18, 2019
ERR's Vikerraadio to mark European language day with song competition

Tallinn European School children, together with music teacher Ivi Rausi, due to sing "Pippi Longstocking" in 13 different languages, part of a competition to mark European Day of Languages.  Read more...

News | Sept. 4, 2019
Power plays, personal ambitions and hard feelings: The consequences of a no-deal Brexit crash out

While von der Leyen and Johnson seem as different as chalk and cheese, they have more in common than meets the eye. Both lived in Brussels as a child. Both attended the city’s European School.  Read more...

News | Sept. 2, 2019
Feature: Interest in International Schools Growing in Slovenia

Among the many primary and secondary schools children can go to in Slovenia, there are also several international schools, which are mostly intended for foreigners. Interest in them has been growing, also among Slovenian children, so this year they will have 600 students.  Read more...

News | July 23, 2019
"Boris Johnson’s views about my education feel like a kick in the face"

Mark Griffin, alumnus of ES Culham, has a European School education in common with Boris Johnson, but it is fair to say it has not left them seeing eye to eye  Read more...

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