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News | Nov. 27, 2021

Appel à nouveaux membres Conseil d'Administration pour Alumni Europae ASBL

Lors de notre prochaine Assemblée Générale Statuaire virtuelle le 11 Décembre 2021, nous élirons quelques nouveaux membres pour notre Conseil d'Administration. Alumni Europae ASBL est l'association des anciens élèves des Ecoles Européennes. Nous pensons qu'il existe entre nous un lien unique et inestimable qui transcende toutes sortes de frontières sociales, linguistiques et nationales. L'association a été lancée fin 2011 et a montré de beaux signes de succès au cours de ces quelques années d'existence.  Read more...
News | Nov. 27, 2021

Call for New Board Members for Alumni Europae ASBL

At our next virtual Statutory General Assembly 2021 on December 11th, 2021, we will elect a few new board members. Alumni Europae ASBL is the association for former students of the European Schools. We believe there is a unique and invaluable connection amongst us that crosses all kinds of social, linguistic and national boundaries. The association was launched at the end of 2011 and has shown great signs of success over these few years of existence.  Read more...
News | Nov. 24, 2021

Video: Humans halted ozone depletion. Now let’s end global warming.

Three students from the Climate Academy at the European School of Brussels II explain how the world avoided catastrophe by limiting the use of man-made compounds in refrigerators and other appliances that destroyed the Earth's protective ozone shield.  Read more...
News | Nov. 22, 2021

Article: School qualification choices – European Baccalaureate

In the second article of this series, the Luxembourg Times takes a deep dive into the European Baccalaureate, how it works and what options students have  Read more...
News | Nov. 12, 2021

Listen: Youth vent frustration and anger over climate change

Four students express frustration, anger and disappointment over climate change and urge world leaders to listen to youth before it’s too late.  Read more...
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