A group of amazing and highly motivated ES Ixelles students are currently looking for people that are based in NYC, working on the fields that the students have prepared for and who they could interview. Are you based and work in NYC, or know someone who does? Let us know, let's help them!

Original Text:

"Like the last two years, we were invited to join a conference at the UN in New York. Due to the Covid-19 virus and the panic around it, we will not be able to enter the UN. We have some amazing and highly motivated students in our program and would like to work on the topic of the conference no matter what, despite all the difficulties:

Megacities: A Sustainable Future. Rapid urbanization is shaping our future.

The idea is to do some research and talk to real New Yorkers working in different fields that are particularly affected by the challenges of a megacity like New York (Police Department, Fire Department, Health Services, Education, ...). So, if you know someone or work in those types of fields yourself, could you pleaaaaaase hook us up with a contact? We would run interviews and put together a presentation for our school community once we are back in Brussels.

Let's use FB for something positive and educational - I believe what it was originally created for, right!?

Either way, thank you for at least reading through this and hopefully helping us a little. May the Coronavirus stay far away from you and you stay happy and healthy!!!


Pictured: 2019 Delegation visiting the Statue of Liberty, NYC