1. You can say "I love you" in 6 different languages

2. You can insult people in at least 5 more languages.

And not just the one-word insult either you can properly go at their mothers.

3. You have friends from all around Europe and all around the world

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Which is one less thing to worry about while traveling

4. You don’t have any prejudices on European nationalities

United colours of benetton

(but rather an in depth analysis of all of them)

5. You can support another team when your primary choice gets knocked out of the World Cup.

6. You use your language skills to talk about people behind their backs in front of their faces

7. And it's always awkward when someone does it to you in a language you understand

8. You know never to joke about the war with the Germans. 

Don't Mention the War! - Fawlty Towers - BBC

9. But that they still do have a sense of humour.

10. You know how to joke about like the Brits.

11. And how to party like the Spanish


12. Apart from Saint-Paddy’s where you do it like the Irish.

13. You know how to eat like the Italians

14. Appreciate French cheese

15. Dance on liquor like the Swedes.

16. Or the Poles

17. Beer and chat like the Czechs and Germans.

18. And the Belgians

Belgian Monks

19. Porto in the sun like the Potuguese.

20. You have a bank account in Luxembourg

Or in Malta.

21. You 420 et al like the Dutch

Or the Estonians...

22. You know that Eastern Europeans are very good at learning languages.

23. And that the Greeks have their own Easter.

24. And that the Scandinavians do some weird thing with candles just before Christmas,

25. And that the Finns most probably don't celebrate Christmas...

(probably because Santa is from there)

26. Eurosport for you is primarily an international sports competition before a TV station.

Gym shirt

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27. You’ve had to explain what the European Baccalaureate is. To friends,

28. Employers And universities. 

(No 5/7 is not a possible mark in the system)

29. When someone asks you where you from you ask them if they want to sit down:

30. But it's not always negative

31. Home is a weird concept for you.

32. You’ve watched and watch classic films in your 2nd and 3rd languages

33. Your accent is too good to be a foreigner But weird enough so that people ask you about it.

34. You can also speak Fringlish and or Spanglish. And other mixes between smaller groups of people.

35. Sometimes you forget what language you're speaking

36. You share a bond with other students from European schools that you’ve never met. 

(Mainly because you don’t have to explain it all)

37. Although you always find one friend in common that you met at a Europarty or at Eurosport

38. Or a teacher you had in common that is an icon

39. As well as participating in the Model United Nations you’ve done MEP or MEC, or do the real thing right now, as cooperation is intrinsic to you

40. You know the history of your second language better than "your" own.


41. You went on crazy school trips.

42. You had days off when everybody else had school.

And had to go to school when everybody else was off.

43. You got to miss school to go to your embassy.

44. You kind of hated the host country of your school, but now you miss it.

45. You move, travel and are more international than your surroundings.

46. When you get drunk you still start trying to speak your 4th language.

47. And you kind of mix it up with all you other languages. 

48. You can make friends from all around the world


49. Your best friends are the ones you made at school.

50. You can re-meet and it’s as if you never left.

Simply Easy Learning

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