A warm thank you to all who attended the debate for “The Future of Young Europeans” as part of the European Elections both in person and online.  This coming European Election is of course a very special one, the first where citizens of several member states will be able to vote from age 16. Our European democracy is getting younger, and as Alumni Europae, we are delighted to have the opportunity to provide a platform for debate on this very important topic, through this first successful elections event. We hope that you found it valuable.

Thank you to our organisers:

Ioannis Notoglou, VP External Affairs, Alumni Europae ASBL

Thomas Fairhurst, co-founder, former President and Board Member, currently active Member of the Political Working Group of Alumni Europae ASBL

Guy Janaway, former Secretary General and Board Member, currently active Member of the Political Working Group of Alumni Europae ASBL

And to our distinguished guests:

+ Special Guest:

Manuel Bordoy

Deputy Secretary General, European Schools

+ Moderator

Helmut von Glasenapp, Secretary General of the European Long Term Investors Association a.i.s.b.l. and Moderator of the Event


+ Political Delegates:

Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D)

Nathalie Vanvelthoven 

4th place of the European list for Vooruit, the Flemish socialist party


European People's Party Group (EPP)

Chelsea Nshuti 



Renew Europe

Laura Hildalgo

Présidente nationale des Jeunes MR,  4ème place liste européennes ALDE Party member Mouvement Réformateur (MR) 


Greens/European Free Alliance (Greens/EFA)

Selina Adedeji Mortoni



Sophie in 't Veld is a Dutch politician of the VOLT party


European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) 

Lars Patrick Berg

Bündnis Deutschland party


The Left 

Michaël Verbauwhede



Special Thanks to : 

Ornella di Perri, Director of APEEE at EEB3

A recording of the event is available on the Alumni Europae YouTube channel

We hope this will be the first of many more engaging events to come. If you have any feedback on the structure of the event, or suggestions for future events, we would be delighted to hear from you - feedback can be submitted at the following link either with your name or anonymously: Event Feedback Form