Changing the way the world views history

European School graduates, Thomas Ketchell and Yoran Brondsema (EE III - Brussels - Bac 2006), have launched an international education organisation: Hstry.

Hstry constructs interactive and accurate historical timelines to inspire the next generation of historians. Hstry is in the process of creating a living and breathing historical record, ideal for consumption in today’s media market but also tailored for future consumption. Every person, young and old, is struggling to come to grips with information consumption in this age. Hstry will ensure that major historical events around the world are retold in an easily understandable format. They have developed a platform and a series of timelines for both teachers and students to enhance their learning of history. These timelines are formatted for a subscription-based web platform, paid-for and free apps and e-books. They gather historical records and evidence including first hand accounts, photographs and videos. They then assemble this evidence into a timeline and from the timeline develop a series of individual posts to reflect the historical event as accurately as possible. Hstry timelines work on desktop computers, laptops and tablets. It provides a new, interactive way of teaching history and can complement current teaching material.

They are actively looking for teachers and students to participate so if you know anyone, get in touch with Thomas here: or else visit for more information.