Virtual Event

Local Chapters Meeting

July 22, 2020 from 7 p.m.8 p.m.
Past event

Local Chapters Meeting  - Minutes & Takeaways 

Zoom Meeting 

                                       22 July 2020, 19:00 (CET)


Alexander Zammit, Thomas Fairhurst (Netherlands - The Hague), Carlo Giudice (Brussels), Maria-Louiza (Greece - Athens/Thessaloniki), Oscar Onn (Stockholm), Joana Malheiro (Paris), Laura Alcaide (Madrid)

  1. Tour de Table – Chapter Lead Update

    1. Stockholm

      1. Oscar was welcomed to the AE Chapter Lead Family. As the new AE Chapter lead for Stockholm, Oscar will be consulting the documents on the Google drive on how to set up a Chapter and will keep us informed of his progress. Oscar already has several alumni contacts in Stockholm and believes there could be a strong basis for future events. 

    2. Brussels

      1. Carlo will be organising an Alumni meet-up at the end of August (date tbc).

    3. Greece (Athens/Thessaloniki)

      1. Maria-Louiza wishes to find a temptative date for an upcoming AE event in Greece. She mentioned that it would have been a good idea to organise a summer meet-up with alumni travelling to Greece, but with the growing Covid-19 crisis, unfortunately it was best to postpone any events till after the summer break. In order to get the ball rolling, once again, she believes that online meetings would be a good warm up.

    4. Paris

      1. Joana created the Paris AE Chapter Facebook page. She wants to plan something in August, but most of her alumni contacts in Paris would not be present. As such, she proposed to have an event following the summer break, around September, in a park. More details to be shared at a later date. In the meantime, she already had the idea of creating an AE Paris Chapter Instagram account.

    5. Madrid

      1. Laura is in the process of setting up the AE Madrid Chapter Facebook page. She wanted to organise several events in autumn 2020 and would also opt for webinar meetings if the covid situation continues to hamper physical meetings and if deemed necessary.

    6. Netherlands

Thomas provided a brief update on Babette (Amsterdam Chapter Lead) and declared his wish to merge the AE Chapters of Amsterdam and The Hague (where he currently resides) into a single ‘AE Netherlands Chapter’. 

  1. Frankfurt

Philip, the Chapter Lead for Frankfurt, was unfortunately not present for this meeting.

  1. London

Jean, the Chapter Lead for London, was unfortunately not present for this meeting.

  1. AE Board Update

    1. Thomas and Carlo provided a brief update on what was discussed at the AE CA Board meeting last week. The Board discussed at length the online shop, changes to GDPR and privacy regulations and how this was updated within new legislation. The AE Board wants to work with the schools in order to make a survey but due to the Covid crisis, the schools have other more pressing priorities. The next proposed meeting with the schools will take place in January.

    2. Thomas proposed to assist Oscar on how to find people in Sweden. 

  2. Chapter Lead Communication & Structure

    1. We encourage the new AE Chapter leads to read the documents on the Google drive on ‘How to set up your own local chapter’ as well as the Guidelines:

AE Chapter Google Drive:

  1. AE Website/Social Media

    1. Thomas has made videos to explain how to make news pieces ( and manage News on the AE website ( We encourage the local chapters to actively use the website.

    2. Alexander proposed to create an article on the local chapters on the website. This article will announce and introduce the new Chapter leads and the work being done and evolution of AE, particularly since the covid lockdown. Alexander to take the lead on this but all chapter leads will be consulted and can contribute. After this “launcher” article, every month a Chapter lead will be selected (or volunteer) to write their own article,  providing an update of their particular Chapter. 

  2. AOB

    1. On-boarding process involving the local chapter leads.

    2. Next call: tentative proposal for Monday, 31 August 2020, 7pm (CET). Since Laura has a professional Zoom account, she proposed to have future Chapter Meetings via this account, where there will be no interruptions and where we can potentially record the meetings. (If everyone agrees). This way, we can refer to the recordings of future meetings as well as the minutes.