Virtual Event

Global Chapters Meeting

Feb. 7, 2021 from 9 p.m.10 p.m.
Past event

Local Chapters Meeting  - Minutes & Takeaways 

Online Meeting 

                                             7 February 2021, 21:00 (CET)


Alexander Zammit, Laura Alcaide (Madrid), Maria-Louiza Laopodi (Greece); Jean Gasc (London), Thomas Fairhurst (Netherlands), Joana Malheiro (Paris), Laszlo Molnarfi (Dublin), Carlo Giudice (Brussels), Diana Agostini; Jean-Louis Hanff (Brussels); Jan (Zurich), Georges Pavlidis (DC); 

Reinhold Ziegler; Therese Fergo (DC/Baltimore); Natacha Gasc (Dakar/Senegal); Antonia Faux Haist (Frankfurt); Alicia (COSUP), Francine Marx

  1. Tour de Table – Chapter Lead Update

    1. Brussels - Carlo Giudice (present)

    2. Madrid - Laura (present)

    3. London - Jean (present)

    4. The Hague - Thomas (present)

    5. Greece (Athens/Thessaloniki) - Maria-Louiza (present)

    6. Paris - Joana (present)

    7. Dublin - New Member: Laszlo (present) 

    8. Frankfurt - New Member: Antonia Faux Haist (present)

    9. Zurich - New Member: Jan Vukovich (present)

    10. Stockholm  (Not Present)

  1. New Leads, Events & Ideas (Changes made to original Local Chapter documents)

There were many new faces joining for the first time and everyone provided a brief introduction of who they are, which school they came from, their graduation year and their current city. The newcomers included:

  • Diana Agostini; 

  • Jean-Louis Hanff (Brussels); 

  • Jan (Zurich), 

  • Georges Pavlidis (DC); 

  • Reinhold Ziegler (AE President, based in Frankfurt)

  • Therese Fergo (DC/Baltimore); 

  • Natacha Gasc (Dakar/Senegal); 

  • Alicia (COSUP)

  • Francine Marx

Therese: Emphasis on allowing others to help you.

  1. AE Eurolliance Project

Jean provided Updates

Eurolliance is a site with the objective of helping bacheliers, undergraduates and young adults in a general sense develop their careers. It seeks to help them find what they want to do, and how best to do it. It should be made up of three parts: Talks, Mentoring, Opportunity.

The project is broken down into three parts: Talks, Mentoring and Apply

Talks will be the part of the page with all career/well-being media alumni have posted. This will include webinars, offline videos, podcasts, interviews… etc. Use of Coffeehouse for live webinars or just socialising/networking with people with the same interests would be ideal.

Mentoring will be another section on the website where students can find a mentor for 1 on 1 sessions. It will mostly consist of information about the mentoring programme and how to make the most of it.

Apply will be a platform where alumni can post internship or job opportunities for other alumni to apply to.

It will also have information on University/job applications, and hopefully, we will finalize partnerships with other organizations such as Voomer (Uses AI to help students with interviews) to facilitate applications and get the best outcomes.

- Funding should be supplied by schools (webinars big selling point and priority)

- Hopefully, website will be running by May 2021

- Please contact Jean Gasc if you have ideas, partnership connections, or just want to lend a hand in the making of this awesome project. 

Reinhold: Idea to setup Webinar. 2 main reasons: Seniors teaching 

Agreed between 4-5 EU Schools that we will deliver these programmes.

  1. AE Platforms

  • Facebook and Website are the most frequented platforms.

  • It was mentioned that the AE Instagram accounts need more attention. There are already multiple accounts (for each chapter as well as the main AE IG account but there should perhaps be more updates).

  • Many Chapters still need to create their Facebook pages.

Official AE LinkedIn page run by Alba Morganti (AE Board member) but multiple unofficial AE pages are also there but not available (and are currently being blocked for use by third parties).

It was suggested that we set up an official linkedin group and working groups within LinkedIn. 

  1. Internal Communication Platform(s) (WhatsApp, Google Drive, Coffeehouse?)

Coffeehouse still has some bugs and some users are finding it hard to connect.

For now use Zoom, since it works for everything (although we would require the host to have a pro account and not solely rely on Diana or Laura…)

Multiple Instagram Pages already

It would be good to have Google Drive for everything and for everyone to cheek on a regular basis. Responsibility for everyone to check.

Means for getting everyone connected? Facebook, Whatsapp, Emails? 

How to use the website. You can click on the interaction Map. It shows a list of people 

Idea to share themed articles via Google Drive to initiate the process amongst us.

Excellent idea by Carlo to create workshop-themed events on how to set up the Chapter pages and discussing ideas in general.

Internal Communication - 

  1. AE Chapter Article

Perhaps a good idea to highlight the global expansion factor. Diana Agostini seemed interested in writing the new article to mark the introduction of possible US Chapters.

  1. AOB


Next Meeting: 14 March 2021, 9pm (CET)