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Local Chapters Meeting

Dec. 14, 2019 from 4:30 p.m.5:30 p.m.
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Local Chapters Meeting  - Minutes & Takeaways 

Skype Meeting 

                                   14 December 2019, 16:30


Alexander Zammit, Carlo Giudice, Philipp Jung, Maria-Louiza Laopodi

  1. Local Chapter Events

    1. Frankfurt: Philipp informed us of his new assistant, Oscar - ESF Alumni (2017). Both have been recruiting rigorously although this will calm down during Holiday/exam period. Since ES Frankfurt was established in 2002, the oldest alumni are approx. 35 years old. This means their demographic is different from the older European Schools. There is an emphasis to recruit alumni living in Frankfurt and not only those who graduated from ESF. 

Oscar has been included as Instagram admin to assist Philipp to promote the chapter. We discussed the Chapter structure and relations with the schools. Students should sign up, on the other also alumni. Important to contact students from S6 + S7 as these students tend to want to ‘cut off’ their association with the school as they leave the system.Philipp intends to organise an event soon but not in December since it is too late but at some point in January or February. Type of event not yet specified. Alumni Day organised in April (exact date to be specified). Reminder: request to AE Board to contact all European Schools for a list of major events and corresponding dates. Philipp intends to organise a parallel/combined event on the evening of the Alumni Day since many alumni visiting will already there. Most of his contacts will be coming back to Frankfurt in the Summer (July/August). 

  1. Amsterdam (Babette not present in meeting, info taken from Whatsapp Group)

Follow-up of Amsterdam Borrel Event (6 December). Extremely positive and well attended. Babette’s Takeaway: 

  • Important to invite people individually, especially since it is difficult to expect people to show up just by seeing the FB event,

  • Important to ask guests to bring their ES friends (no one likes going to an event where they do not know anyone).

  • If we intend to organise events with drinks, it would be best to have a single stand. At the Borrel event, drinks were presented on multiple tables which resulted in multiple group clusters and therefore less mingling between all the guests.

  • Most attendees found the event through FB and we believe it is the most attractive medium.

  • Those attending were mainly students. Babette struggled to attract alumni who are already working. We should come up with ideas to attract more senior alumni.                        

  1. Athens

Marie-Louiza had organised an event in Thessaloniki which proved very difficult in terms predicting attendance with many saying they would attend but in fact did not. Marie-Louiza is organising another meeting in Athens. Date/Event Type/Structure to be arranged after the Christmas/NY break. Important to note that the Greek language section only exist in Brussels and Luxembourg which creates the issue of not having many locals in Greece. Maria-Louiza has created an excel file with names of Greek students, who she is aware of, from each year and each class. This was a challenging task. As such, could we reach out with this kind of request via the schools (Parents associations) directly? 

  1. London

Nina S(friend of Philipp & Oscar from ESF) should get in touch with Alice Norga to coordinate an event in London.

  1. Brussels

Merger of inactive FB page with the Chapter page of Brussels which added 500 students as followers to the Chapter page, thus increasing our overall reach. Holiday Alumni drink event organised for Friday 20 December. Estimated 10 persons to attend.

  1. Paris

Joana Malheiro invited by Reinhold Ziegler to be Paris Local Chapter Representative. Alexander reached out to her she has not come back yet. Alexander to reach out once again.

  1. Faulty Membership Fee Information Page

Membership fee on AE website mentions €10 fee when signing up. This refers to Alumni Europae Strategy Plan 2012-2017 page, as outlined in 2011. 

See: ( This needs to be edited(deleted) to reflect the current membership sign up policy. 

  1. Guidelines/Regulations

Board would like to have a document with the procedures. Alexander & Carlo prepared a document for the board meeting on Monday 16 December. Attached please find this document along with the organigram: . Although those present welcome to have procedures and guidelines written down and formalised, it was insisted to have an open and flexible work relationship. 

  1. AOB

Maria-Louiza offered to provide professional stock pictures for internal and external use. In the meantime, we should also focus on having better photos in general.

AE database of Board members and Chapter leads has been created: This database serves as the ‘go to’ list of contacts for internal purposes. Some details about social platform accounts are still to be completed. Question was raised whether to include other platforms (LinkedIn? Websites?..)

AE database of digital assets has to be created (FB pages, Instagram): Compiling the full list requires completion. This will be an ongoing process. The reason to compile this list is to identify, seek ownership to then potentially update and integrate them into the official Alumni communication.

Carlo and Alex to write Local Chapters article

Next Meeting on Thursday 26 December (TBC in Chapters’ WhatsApp Group Chat)