László Molnárfi, alumnus of the European School of Brussels I (Uccle), has researched in 2019 the struggle that locally recruited teachers face and the discrimination they are subjected to in the European Schools with regards to their employment status.

"“Maybe nobody can do anything, but we want to express our disquiet, we want to make sure we’re heard by those who CAN change the system,” says a student of EEB4 at an emergency meeting hastily convened in the wake of the new crisis facing the European Schools. Subsequently, approximately 200 students gathered on the 12th of March at 11:00 AM and began striking in their school against the recently proposed directive of the Board of Governors. Drafted and imposed upon the European Schools by the pressure of bureaucrats in the European Commission, it would be fair to say that this was not a democratic process. This is the story of how our beloved European Schools are being pushed to a breaking point, and how we may be powerless to stop it."

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