A memorable AGM took place: We said goodbye to two great personalties from their official positions after a decade of tireless commitment to Alumni Europae. Our treasurer, Michael Stenger. And our president, Reinhold Ziegler. Thank you for everything! Both will remain asscociated with AE. Here, at this point, we would like to invite you to read the Rapport du Président. Reinhold says goodbye with the following words:

There is much about my presidency that I will look back on fondly. 

I found it particularly moving: Ursula von der Leyen‘s message to her fellow alumni, where she states: “As alumni, we all have something in common: we grew up sharing cultures, languages and lifelong friendships across borders. Make Europe thrive.“

With this in mind, I say goodbye with:

Let us all be ambassadors to make Europe thrive!

My best wishes for the next board, for the next Chairman.

Thank you.

Reinhold Ziegler

Chairman Alumni Europae ASBL

The full report please find in the attached PDF.