Alumni Europae ASBL proudly announces the participation of Chelsea Nshuti in our upcoming Political Debate, a significant event in the lead-up to the European Elections 2024. Chelsea Nshuti‘ with her own words: ‚I am Chelsea Nshuti, young and passionate about politics. When I was 18 I ran for the local elections for the first time and I got elected in the city council of Lummen. I always made sure to respect other young, engaged voices of our society. Currently I am finishing my Master International Politics at KU Leuven. The passion for  politics is not limited to the local level. This year I am running for the European elections as the youngest candidate representing cd&v. This governance level may sometimes look the furthest away for young people so it will be challenging to convince them of the European future we are all part of. I am convinced I'm the right woman in place this time to engage other young people to use their voices!‘

Join us on 14. May 2024 at 6:00pm in Brussels for a riveting political debate at Alumni Europae's 2024 European Elections Debate! Get ready to witness passionate speeches, critical issues, and visionary solutions. Don't miss out on this event shaping the future of Europe!

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