Go Europe!



Stand Up for Europe supports Go Europe’s “Make Europe Greater Tour”


Go Europe! founder Carsten Witt is embarking on a long-distance-trail that will take him from Lisbon to Tallinn. He will hike for more than 5.000 kilometres without having to pass any border controls or face other restrictions, as a living proof that Europe is already 'great'. In parallel, Carsten’s son Jakob will have his go via Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Kiev and Moscow, a challenge he wants to meet with his bicycle, getting reunited with his father one year later in Tallinn.


Other participants are welcome to head to Tallinn on different routes and by whatever means of

Transportation (e.g.: by horse, boat or wheel chair). All EU capitals and those of

neighbouring countries will thus be visited. The „Make Europe Greater Tour“ (MEGT) aspires to connect Europe and its citizens.


Stand Up for Europe welcomes this Go Europe! initiative and commits to mobilise its supporters in cities along the MEGT routes to celebrate the effort and amplify its message. It is imperative that European civil society comes together, above political divisions, to support the vision of a united Europe. Together we can do better!


We call on every individual, group, political party and company to do their part for addressing the challenges that Europe and its citizens are facing today. It is time to stop just talking about European values and start living them in practice. It is about us not only enjoying the benefits from the European integration process but also taking the responsibility to secure those benefits for the long term.


It rests on us to build the future – let's do it together!

Stand up for Europe + Go Europe!