Dear member

We are writing to inform you that the activities of will soon be transferred to the new official association representing former European School students; Alumni Europae ASBL. Realising the similarities between the two organisations' goals and objectives, and acknowledging that Euresco has for the best part of the last five years inactive, Euresco proudly passes the torch on to Alumni Europae to continue to unite and reunite former students of the European schools all over the world.

The two organisations have reached an agreement under which the website and activities of will be transferred to Alumni Europae ASBL. All current life members will keep this status under Alumni Europae's membership structure. All email addresses will remain active for a year after the transfer is made after which members will have to find a new email address.

Alumni Europae has as goal to unite and reunite former students of the European Schools. By becoming a member of Alumni, you are not only rekindling the relationship you had with the school but also benefiting from the numerous services that Alumni Europae offer. Alumni can help you find 'long-lost friends' whilst organizing events ranging from casual get togethers to 'good old days' type parties in exciting venues. If you would like more information, please visit We look forward to hearing more from you!

Thomas Fairhurst

President ASBL Alumni Europae

Nicolas Beffort



If you do not want to receive any further emails from us and would like your information removed, please email and we will do so straight away.