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A) General Objectives of Eurolliance:

  1. Values
    Help Junior alumni find employment with help from Seniors and platform in general. Help Senior alumni improve their careers with the help of juniors and exchange knowledge between all ages to improve standard of living.
  2. Goals
    1st priority: Ask juniors what THEY want and offer ideas of HOW they can achieve this. Find out what is the DEMAND of the Bacheliers through CoSup (So lead is Valeria). Then, Set up easy to use and clear platforms for live and non-live content and services as well as concrete opportunities. Use the DATA from ex-site and add to it. Protect Data (Thomas). Utilise the Schools that have struck agreements with Reinhold to fund costs of the 4000+ euros a year on online maintenance. Ask for donations. Perhaps in the distant future, the possibility of small monthly fees to users

B) Pillars of Eurolliance and Specifics:

  1. Mentoring:
    1. Sign up process: Include questions and optinos to join Eurolliance in all sign ups to AE site, then have a way to add to your existent AE data on the Eurolliance website. Have Schools get students to sign up.
    2. Linking process: Have an AE mentoring Lead to coordinate linking process (as well as do other tasks). As the traffic increases, allocate responsibility to Chapter Leads which it would then become Alex’s role.
    3. Website/platform: AE site sends you to Eurolliance site where you can find info and more. Coffeehouse and video calls as way of 1 on 1 mentoring.
  2. Opportunity:
    1. Have a heading on the Eurolliance website where Alumni can post JOb and INternship opportunities for other alumni. This allows not to over flood AE ‘mentoring’ and ‘talks’. It means that mentors or Seniors, during talks can send them to the opportunity heading where they can click on the industry they seek to gain experience in and can view what is available as well as info on applications to various unis/jobs/internships.
  3. Talks:
    1. Types of Media: all types of online media e.g. podcasts and short clips.
    2. talks in schools: after corona face to face talks in schools. Be sure to concentrate efforts for schools since they are THE source of monetisation. Webinars will have to suffice for now, site NEEDS to be ready before June/July. WE need to Question and Survey the students!  See what people are doing in their careers. Get Alumni to speak on Coffeehouse and ask juniors to join on cofeehouse on BioTechnology for example if that’s what they want!
    3. Platform: Main platform other than site or or both (found by Laura), will be Coffeehouse (platform we used for the meeting adn created by Alex’s alumnus friend Federico).

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